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MarkMe: Simple but Powerfull Employee Attendance Solution

21 January 2017 / Features / Leave a comment

When you’re working to figure out how to manage your business’ needs for time tracking, markme attendance software(mobile app) can make all the difference for you. There are many time management solutions on the market, from time clocks to time sheets. However, the simple attendance software known as MarkMe can really excel at making your life easier. Markme uses modern smartphone(Android/IOS/Windows Phones) with location and photo capture during check in check out from smartphone itself , which means that every clock in and out is tied directly to the employee in question. You can eliminate time theft and time clock fraud entirely with this simple attendance app. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on in the office. You’ll save your business money and be protected from dishonesty.

We have run a number of pilots over the last few months which have received really positive feedback so now we are looking forward to rolling out the solution further.

If you are looking at how you can best get accurate employee attendance data then please get in touch with us – we’d love to show you just how simple the solution is

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