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Skills to Manage and Improve Employee Performance

24 March 2017 / by Admin

Here are some ideas for managing and improving employee performance: Set clear expectations and communicate them well, then continue to manage expectations. Frequent communication is critical. Ensure employees understand their objectives by asking them to explain them in their own words. Train managers and give them the tools to help their employees excel. Be on […]

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Great Employee Engagement Tricks You’re Not Using

22 March 2017 / by Admin

Any business that wishes to reach its full potential will only achieve success on the backs of a team of thoroughly engaged employees. Are you doing enough to keep your employees engaged? Here are seven tricks that should help your employees learn to love their jobs even more also you can check out Mobcast […]


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Time and Attendance Software: Things To Know before you buy

18 February 2017 / by Admin

Why Should Opt For Time and Attendance Software Timekeeping solutions are offered by a number of HR software. But every timekeeping feature offered by a software differs from the other. A typical time and attendance software that exclusively handles only project tracking would offer different features than a time tracking software that also supports attendance […]

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Benefits of Time & Attendance Tracking for Employees

13 February 2017 / by Admin

Time and attendance tracking is often seen as an employer service. It reduces time theft, verifies employee attendance, and prevents scheduling mistakes that can violate labor laws or rack up overtime. What employers often don’t consider is how time and attendance tracking benefits their employees. Focus on these four employee benefits of a time and […]

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